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What if I already have a Real Estate Agent?

If you have NOT signed a Buyer’s Representation Agreement with a Real Estate Agent or REALTOR® you may still be eligible.

If you already have an agent and are under a Buyer’s Representation Agreement this site is NOT for YOU!

This website is NOT a solicitation to clients with a Real Estate Agent, REALTOR® or Broker.

How Do I Quality For a New Home Rebate?

To qualify for your new home rebate, you must sign a Buyer Representation Agreement with New Home Rebates in Texas, LLC before your first trip to any home builder in Texas. Please take the client registration form provided by our site to each and every builder you visit. Make a few copies to be sure you have one on hand or take a screenshot of it as well. You will need to provide this information to the new home builders as we will not be present with you. 

This will ensure you will get a rebate upon closing of your new home.

How can I use the Rebate?

Most clients use their rebate for closing costs, moving or relocation expenses, appliances, builder upgrades, lot premiums, interest rate buydowns, among others. 

The rebate can be used for almost anything related to the purchase of your home. Some lender restrictions may apply.

What do I do when I visit a New Home Community?

On your very first visit to the new home builder please list New Home Rebates in Texas as your broker on the builders registration card that the sales counselor will provide.

If the builder requires an Agent to be present we will have one to assist you.

I am Ready to Write an Offer with the New Home Builder, Now What?

Contact us right away so that we can answer any questions before signing anything. You will want to make sure that New Home Rebates of Texas is listed as the Buyer’s Broker or called Selling Broker on the builder’s contract.

You will also want to be sure that everything you have talked about with the builder will be entered into the contract and reviewed by our office.

Does it cost anything for me to participate in this program?

There is NO charge for our services. The builder takes care of our fee and we pass on the savings to YOU!  

Is this Program only for New Construction Homes?

Yes, this program is ONLY for NEW homes already built (Spec Home) OR if you build on a new home site (Dirt Sale).

Does your Rebate Program cover all of Texas?

Yes, we cover the entire GREAT State of Texas.

Can I get Down Payment Assistance

Yes you can.  Click Here for the current info. We can assist you in finding a lender that provides down payment assistance.

What is the catch? Are there any restrictions to this offer?

There is no catch! There are some rules though. This offer is only good if you are not currently working with another real estate agent and there is not a written buyer’s agreement already signed.

You must register with an on-site sales counselor and list New Home Rebates of TEXAS on the Guest Registration Card as your Real Estate Broker. This offer may be VOIDED if you have visited the new home builder without registering New Home Rebates in TEXAS LLC with the on-site sales counselor.  Most builders want to work with Brokers so they can make an exception. It is always good to ask.  

The purchase contract for your new home (or any addenda) must have New Home Rebates of Texas LLC on it as the Buyer’s Broker.

The new home rebate has to be approved by your lender.

You don’t need to tell the builder about the rebate until all negotiations are done. 

Is it legal for a Real Estate Agent in Texas to give part of their commission as a rebate to their client?

Yes, Real Estate Agents in Texas can REBATE their commissions to their clients. To read more please see The Texas Real Estate Commission’s website.

Why Should I use New Home Rebates in Texas?

What seperates us from our competitors is that we give our clients FULL service even though we are rebating some of our commission. Most discount brokers do not offer any type of assistance when they rebate their commissions. Also, having an Agent represent you gives you added protection throughout the buying process and doesn't add anything to your sales price. 

I'm ready for my Rebate. What do I do next?

The next step is to Register for your rebate and then start searching for a new home! If you need a list of available communities let us know and we will provide you with one. Bring your Registration Cards with you and don't be afraid to ask questions to the builder sales counselors. 

Once you find the right home and are ready to move forward contact your assigned agent immediately to ensure you don't lose the house to another buyer.