Home Deck

Advantages of Buying
a New Home

Ease of Maintenance
New homes don't require as much upkeep as an older home.
Many home buyers are finding they want to spend more time
on valuable weekends with friends and family than
performing home repairs. Some home buyers just find they
don't have the necessary skills to perform do-it-yourself
maintenance and would prefer to live in a home that doesn't
require so much work.


Of great appeal to many a new home buyer is the thought of
making their home truly reflect their tastes and lifestyle.
From the moment they walk in the door, the home feels like
their own as they chose every paint color, cabinet,
counter top, carpet, tile, lighting and plumbing fixture.


A community of new homes allows for the planned development
of that community. Whether it be active adults, families
with young children or golf and tennis enthusiasts, new
home buyers know they will immediately have something in
common with their neighbors when they move in.

Floor Plan for Today's Living

Buying a resale home typically means you're stuck with that
home's layout (as most don't have stacks of cash sitting
around for major renovation projects) that has a design
appropriate for 10, 20, even 50 years ago. Today's homes
reflect the changing lifestyles of home owners with
amenities like open kitchens and living areas, technology centers, media rooms, water purification systems,  etc.

Energy Efficiency

The materials used in today's home are far more effective
at reducing energy costs than resale homes. The savings
provided in utility bills can quickly offset the price of a
new home.


In addition to less energy efficient materials, older homes
can have hazardous materials like asbestos, lead-based
paint or faulty wiring contained within them. A new home is
subject to the current building codes that require more
stringent safety requirements regarding materials or severe
weather. Home Owner's Insurance is less expensive on a new home due to less risk to the carrier.  


Retrofitting older homes with today's technology can be an
exercise in frustration and futility. They just weren't
designed with those items in mind (and to be fair, it's
hard to design for something that didn't exist at the
time). It's significantly easier to add wiring for surround
sound speakers, wired or wireless internet access to a
new home while it's being framed. New Internet buyer's want a smart home where media rooms, pools and alarms are controlled by their phones. 

Warranties & Customer Service

New homes will often come with a complete warranty that
covers everything on the house, inside and out. While 
service plans are available for resale homes, they're
typically for only one year from the purchase date and
only cover specific items in the home. A new home can have
a much longer warranty and provide more options when
something goes wrong. Most builders are required to warranty the home door to door for the 1st and 2nd year on all the mechanical systems in the home. Many offer an extended  2/10 warranty on the structure, foundation, decking of the roof and the windows. 

​Thanks so much for your interest in purchasing a New Home.  It is my pleasure to help You on Your New Home Purchase!